Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, AI Generator Kit offers an always-free plan with an unlimited word count! The free plan has some limitations compared to the paid plans, but it should still fulfill your basic AI content writing needs while giving you a good idea of the kit’s AI content generation capabilities.

Our AI writing tool empowers you to create content that is unique and free from plagiarism. The content is based on patterns and examples learned from a vast amount of existing data, so it is still recommended to review and modify the generated content to ensure uniqueness and align it with your specific requirements.

Our content generation tool provides you with over 60 content-creation templates to choose from, 40 of which are available for free, including the paraphrasing tool (a.k.a. content rephrase).

Time-saving: Our AI tool can help you generate content, images and code in seconds, saving you time and effort.

Versatility: You can generate various types of short and long-form content quickly, chat with AI, generate images, convert speech to text, and even get assistance with code generation, all from a single platform.

Cost-effective: With both free and paid plans, you can choose a pricing option that suits your budget and usage requirements.

Quality output: The AI algorithms are designed to write content of the highest quality, ensuring that the output meets your expectations.

The AI Code service aims to assist with code generation or provide suggestions based on patterns and examples. While it can provide a helpful starting point or enhance your coding process, it’s recommended to review and test the generated code for correctness, security, and best practices before using it in production environments.

Yes, you may cancel or upgrade your plan at any time.

We understand that data security and privacy are paramount concerns for our users. We prioritize the protection of your data and maintain a strong commitment to maintaining its security and confidentiality.

We want to assure you that we do not share your data with any third parties without your explicit consent. Your data is treated as highly sensitive and strictly confidential. We adhere to stringent security measures to safeguard your information from unauthorized access, loss, or misuse.

Our infrastructure is designed with robust security protocols, including encryption and access controls, to protect your data at all stages of processing and storage. We employ industry-standard best practices to ensure that your data remains secure within our systems.